A Psalm of Thanksgiving

-Based on the reward of the righteous.
Father, thank You for the abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness. Thank you for blessing us and surrounding us with Your favor and shielding us from evil. Thank you for looking upon us with Your loving gaze and keeping us in your presence. Thank you for being in us and with us and hearing our prayers. Thank you for delivering us from trouble and for upholding and sustaining us so that we stand firm. As those who inherit the earth, we pray that Your justice will prevail and that everyone will experience Your saving grace. Thank you for allowing us to see the needy cared for. We rejoice with gladness at your faithfulness. Thank You for making us an example to all that You are good. We trust You and glory in You. Thank you for putting our names in The Book of Life and for showing us Your salvation. Because of You we are flourishing with prosperity and peace. Thank you for anointing us as Your children and exalting us. We rejoice with our voices in Your salvation and in all of Your valiant works on our behalf. We enter Your gates with thanksgiving and praise as Your light and gladness fills our hearts. Thank you for opening our eyes and lifting us up in Your loving embrace today. Praise The LORD!