About Kingdom Life

Kingdom Life Church

Kingdom Life Church is a congregation where you will experience the presence of God. We are a family unified in spirit and held together by peace. We place no religious expectations on people. We foster an environment where you can draw closer to God.

Our heart is to have a true “five-fold ministry” where apostles and prophets lead and evangelists, pastors, and teachers encourage, shepherd, and disciple.

The ministry does not depend on one person. The gifts of the Spirit are given to each for the profit of all.

We truly ask God every time we get together, “What do You want to do?” Then, we let Him lead.

Just as Moses said, “We will not go up without Your presence.” Our hearts cry out, “We need You, Father!”, “We love You, Jesus!”, “We welcome You, Holy Spirit!”

History of Kingdom Life Church

Kingdom Life Church of Florida (2004 to present) is the combination of America’s Church (2002-2007) of Largo, Freedom Family Fellowship (2005-2006) of Clearwater, Believer’s Way Church (2005-2008) of Clearwater, and Christian Revival Church (2004-2010) of Tampa Bay. Each of these churches was founded and led by men full of faith and the Holy Spirit, but the LORD called them out of the area. Clay Runnels, the common thread linking these ministries, was called to lead each of these ministries. Eventually, they came together with the name of Kingdom Life Church to reflect the vision and purpose of God for the ministry moving forward.

In 2012, God paired Mark Gantner and his family with Kingdom Life Church. Together with many other amazing leaders empowered by the Holy Spirit, the people of Kingdom Life Church are experiencing open heavens and amazing encounters with Jesus Christ. Kingdom Life Church is an apostolic training center with a mission to transform the region, reflect the Kingdom of God in the earth, and to raise up men and women fulfilling their purpose in life through Christ. Because of our commitment to allowing the Holy Spirit to lead and our diverse leadership, you can count on each service being different from the last. But they are all full of worship, the Word, the presence and power of God, and His glory.


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