Kingdom Life Family Declaration

Abba Father, You’re our El Shaddai and You’re more than enough so we never lack. In Christ, We’re made into Your beloved sons, and Christ is formed in us, and we’re one with you. We’re partakers of the divine nature and inheritance by faith in Christ. We receive Your blessing and the blessing of Abraham and His seed. We’re blessed in the land which You have given us. We’re blessed to be a blessing. Holiday and the communities where we live are blessed because we’re blessed. Your name is great in us in the earth. You’re blessing those who bless us and returning every curse to its originator. Vengeance and vindication belong to You. We believe and enter Your rest and our inheritance. We receive blessed debt free homes and every debt cancelled. Our homes and families and properties and crops and animals and businesses and everything we put our hand to do is blessed. We’re empowered to prosper and be in health even as our souls prosper. We’re anointed to get wealth so that we may fulfill our kingdom purpose here on earth. We’re healthy, fit and strong - spirit soul and body. We’re diligently seeking You by faith and the hidden treasures of revelation are revealed to us.