Responding to Hurricane Threats As a Child of God - Aug. 28, 2023

Responding to Hurricane Threats As a Child of God - Aug. 28, 2023
Photo by Jonathan Bean / Unsplash

Prayer is a conversation between myself and God through the medium (or the connection) of God’s Holy Spirit living in me. God speaks to me and I speak to Him through His Spirit dwelling in me. God speaks to me through His Word, the Bible, but Holy Spirit is the one who makes the Bible speak to me.

When you are facing any situation, your conversation with God through your relationship with His Word and His Spirit will lead you into the wisdom on how to respond. We talk to God about the situation. We study The Word  to learn what God has said about this type of situation. We ask Holy Spirit for the wisdom of God. Then we respond with that Word of Wisdom.

What examples do we have about the people of God facing storms in the Bible?

  1. When Jesus walked on the water, the wind and waves were above normal. Jesus told Peter to walk on the water with Him, and Peter did. But Peter took his eyes off of The Word from Jesus and started paying attention to the wind and the waves and began to sink.
  2. Jesus was asleep in the front of the boat during a big storm. Jesus had told his disciple prior to entering the boat, “Let up pass to the other side.” That was God’s will. The storm came and scared the disciples. Jesus arose and said, “peace, be still,’ and immediately the storm and the wind ceased. Then he rebuked the disciples for being fearful and asked them, “why do you have no faith?”
  3. Paul was in a ship that was lost because of a great storm, but everyone in it was saved. Before getting on the ship, Paul had warned the ship master that they should not sail yet, because the storm would be destructive. The great storm came and lasted for weeks. Paul fasted. The people on the ship fasted. Then God gave Paul wisdom about what to do. Everyone obeyed Paul’s word of wisdom and all were saved in spite of the ship being destroyed by the storm.

When God has given you a word, you can trust it.

He may say, “Let us go to the other side”, and we can rebuke the storm in our obedience to Him.

He may say, “Warn people not to enter the storm”, but we can trust Him to give us wisdom even when disobedience puts us in the middle of the storm.

The point is that we should be in communion with God through His Spirit in us and seek wisdom from God. Once we have that wisdom, we do not need to pray. We need to act.

If His wisdom is go away from the storm, then go away from the storm. Do what you have faith to do. Even if the storm does not come near where you were when He said go away, there is wisdom in obeying Him by faith. Rest assured that Holy Spirit is leading you. Look for someone who needs to hear the good news of Christ or needs the prayer of faith for healing, etc.

If His wisdom is to speak peace to the storm, have faith in God and speak peace to the storm.

Regarding the current hurricane threat, I believe the wisdom of God is to speak peace.

Therefore, by the authority of Christ in me and according to His example in The Word of God, I decree, “Peace to the heavens. Peace to the earth. Peace under the earth. Peace to the wind and the waves. Peace to the storm, in the mighty name of Christ Jesus.”