Seeking Jesus First - Aug. 28, 2023

Seeking Jesus First - Aug. 28, 2023

What does it mean to be one with God?

The Bible teaches this principle but believers in Christ Jesus see this concept in many different ways.

I will use myself in this article because what I am sharing is based upon my faith in God and His Word.

I should not try to see myself as God The Father or as God The Son. I believe that would be weird. I should see myself as a human who has The Spirit of God living in me.

Flip the script for a minute. A demon-possessed person has a will of their own but is influenced by the spirit of darkness to do evil things. Their will over time becomes subjugated by the will of that demon as they yield to evil impulses. It can become more and more difficult to separate the person’s own mind, will and emotions from that of the demon.

Also, a person can be influenced by an evil mindset without being demon-possessed. By filling his mind, will and emotions with anti-christ teachings. He begins thinking that satisfying his own desires is good even to the detriment of others. He makes money or sex or just feeling good his goal and begins weighing out his life based upon how he feels. This is a result of not knowing the unconditional love of God and just pursuing lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and pride of life.

Let’s get back on track. Jesus said, “You must be born again”… born again of The Spirit of God. This can only be done as a matter of faith. We believe in God through His Son Jesus who became the sacrifice for sin and then rose from the dead. Jesus was given the Name above all names. His name is now the only name through which men might be “saved”. When a person is born again through faith in Christ Jesus, Scripture declares that he is a new creature - old things are passed away and all things are made new.

“A new creature” means a new species. We are made into the same species as Christ Jesus. I am now a human being with The Spirit of God joined to my spirit. My spirit is now one with God’s Spirit who dwells in me. God now uses my body as an earthly temple for His Spirit to dwell in. My spirit and soul that existed prior to faith in Christ Jesus has gone through a metamorphosis. I am a new creature. My spirit and soul was washed of all sin and I have started retraining my soul to believe and think like Jesus. This is called repentance which means to change the way we think.

I am a spirit with a soul. Jesus said, “In patience, possess your soul.” I am now a spirit who is joined with Holy Spirit, aka the spirit of holiness. Holy Spirit brings to me the mind of Christ and together with my partner, comforter, teacher and guide (Holy Spirit), I am patiently possessing my soul. I use The Word of God to do this. I am retraining my mind with what God has said. I am retraining my emotions with the love of God. I am retraining my will by submitting to God and resisting the devil who still tries to influence me.

The Scripture tells us that we are one with God through having the same spirit. I still have my own spirit, but my spirit is joined to God’s Spirit.

We are one in a similar, albeit different way, as a husband and wife are made one flesh in the act of marriage. A husband and wife become one flesh and then begin uniting their souls. Over time, they begin thinking alike and feeling alike and choosing alike. It is an outside to inside unity. It starts on the outside and grows inward. Divorce is often the result if that unification of soul never takes place.

With God, it begins in the spirit. Our spirit is joined with God’s Spirit by faith in Christ Jesus and our souls begin the transformation process. Over time, we start thinking like God(mind), loving like God(emotions), and choosing like God(will). It is an inside to outside transformation. It starts on the inside and grows outward.

I will never be God The Father or God The Son (Jesus Christ), but I will be Clay christ, a son of God, an heir of God and a joint-heir with Jesus Christ. We say christian, but it means the same thing. We are the person that God made us to be, but we are being transformed into the fullness of christ as that person. We can love like God because, through His promises to us, He has given us His own divine nature.

What does it mean to be one with God? I believe it means we share unity in spirit. I believe that unity allows us to possess our souls and have the mind of Christ and develop God’s very own nature in us. I believe that unity includes authority and power through The Name of Jesus and The Power of His Spirit.