Seeking Jesus First - July 6, 2023

Seeking Jesus First - July 6, 2023
Photo by Marishka Tsiklauri / Unsplash

Part Four - How do you find and follow the will of God?

Some of my favorite Christian leaders got together and committed to each other, “If The Word of God says it, we will believe it. If The Word of God tells us to do it, we will do it.”

They have had long and productive ministries and they are all still married and following Jesus. It starts with believing and trusting God like this.

Remember, these couples were called into ministry. You don’t have to be in ministry to follow Jesus like that. I’m going to share things that I believe will reveal the will of God both generally and specifically. If you do these things, you will succeed in your calling as a son of God and that success will translate as success in your soul, family, business, ministry, etc.

  • Believe in the LORD Jesus Christ and receive the love of The Father.
  • Love the family of God. Get planted in a church family. Stop walking, working and doing things alone. You are no longer an orphan.
  • Forgive everyone, every day, for everything. Guard your heart from the deceit of bitterness.
  • Develop an intimate relationship with Holy Spirit. Pray in the spirit about everything.
  • Be alone with Him enough to know/experience God’s overwhelming love for you.
  • Believe and receive God’s word as your own.
  • Read the word of God.
  • Listen to the word of God.
  • Study the word of God.
  • Memorize the word of God.
  • Meditate on the word of God.
  • Declare the word of God as your own.
  • Keep an attentive ear to God at all times.
  • Praise and worship The LORD from your heart at all times.
  • Be quick to obey God’s Word and Holy Spirit.
  • Do what you know to do is right. Do it completely by faith in God and motivated by His love.
  • Be quick to repent and receive the mind of Christ about things.
  • Turn away from doing wickedness. Don’t participate in it or support it with your time and money.
  • Pick a job that you can do well, that you can enjoy, and that you can do by faith and grow as you go. Whatever job you are doing, work and study hard, with all of your might, and do it as unto The LORD. Over time, become a leader in that field of work. If God wants you to do something else, He will interrupt you in a significant way and change your direction. He will tell you in a clear way.
  • If you are married, love, honor and serve each other with your whole heart. Marriage is honorable and to be honored among all.
  • If you are single, be that much more committed in your relationship with God. God will give you the desires of your heart in due season.
  • Do all that you do with faith, hope and love.

These are not commandments. Take a look at the list again. It is all about our relationship with God. We are walking through life with God. We are learning His beneficial, complete and pleasing will for our life. It is about doing our life “with God”, not just “for God”. We are seeking Him by faith, and finding Him, and being rewarded with Him.

When we discover the good pleasure of God’s will, we know that He only has good for us. He has come to give us life and life more abundantly. We grow from faith to faith and from grace to grace. We are transformed by one degree to another into His glorious image.

Faith begins where the will of God is known. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by The Word of God. His word is His will.