Seeking Jesus First - Sept. 19, 2023

Seeking Jesus First - Sept. 19, 2023

Did you know that Righteousness and Healing go together in the same way that sin and death go together.

Sin came into the world and produced death, sickness and decay.

Christ’s righteousness, which is imparted to us through faith, produces life, growth and health.

We must renew our minds to the truth. The truth is what Jesus has given us. Every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places is ours through the righteousness of Christ. But what is the point of owning something here on earth that you do not know how to use, or that has no earthly benefit to you?

It is taught in the body of Christ that the only part of salvation that we can access on earth is forgiveness of sins. But this is not the extent of Christ’s teachings nor is it the extent of the teachings of the apostles. Scripture clearly tells us that we can access all of the promises of God through faith in Christ’s atonement for us.

God is not “piece-mealing” out His promises and blessings. He has placed all of them in Christ Jesus. When we receive Christ, we receive all of the promises. But the promises do not all manifest at the same time. The promises are all available at the same time but they must be accessed through believing, speaking and acting on the loving word of God through the wisdom given to us by His Spirit.

Jesus is worthy and faith in Him grants you access to His worthiness. Jesus is righteous and faith in Him grants you access to His righteousness.

I believe we miss out on the manifestation of promises because of some or all of the following:

  • We think that God decides who to keep His promises based upon His own mysterious criteria.
  • We do not believe they are for us on earth.
  • We do not believe that we are worthy.
  • We do not know about the promise.
  • We do not seek out the wise leading of The Spirit.
  • We do not obey the wise leading of The Spirit and The Word.
  • We are living in a manner contrary to the manifestation of the promise.
  • We are opposing the manifestation of the promise with the words that we speak.

Take them in order:

  1. All of the promises are in Christ, Yes and Amen for the glory of The Father through us. It glorifies God when His promises are manifested in our lives. While we can glorify God in any circumstance, bad circumstances do not themselves glorify God. But Jesus stated that the manifestation of God’s promises in our lives does bring God glory.
  2. If they were not for us on earth, we would not have so many earthly examples of these manifestations of God’s promises. We do not need faith to receive victory over circumstances in heaven, so it is certain that we use our faith here on earth to overcome. Who needs to be healed in heaven when we no longer have earthly bodies?
  3. We are made righteous and therefore worthy through faith in The LORD Jesus Christ. If Christ is worthy, you belong to Christ and Christ belongs to God. If the one who sanctifies you is holy, then you are as holy as the one who sanctified you.
  4. Study the word of God so that you may show yourself approved. Study the loving word of God that you may overcome your circumstance and receive the promises of God. Ask Holy Spirit to teach you the promises in God’s loving word that will help you overcome sickness or whatever you are facing.
  5. Whoever lacks wisdom let him ask God in faith and God will give you His wisdom. Jesus said that Holy Spirit dwells with us and in us and teaches us all things.
  6. Be quick to do what The Spirit and The Word lead you to do.
  7. If the promise declares me righteous, do not live in an ungodly manner. We Walk by faith which keeps is in obedience to righteousness. When we offend our conscience, confess it quickly. Deny condemnation but seek God for Godly sorrow that completes the work of repentance in our lives. By the mercies of God, renew your mind.
  8. Set Holy Spirit as a watch or guard over your lips. Ask Him to correct your conversation. Quickly repent of evil communication out of your mouth. Your mouth is like a well that brings forth sweet water. If bitter water comes out, sit down with Holy Spirit and ask Him to help clean out your heart. Re-focus your attention on The Word and on Jesus. Stay full of The Holy Spirit. Worship and soak and spend time in the presence of God. Commune with God through His Word and His Spirit. Put away all speaking that does not align with God’s promises.

“Father, You are YHVH Shalom who sanctifies me completely, spirit, soul and body. I receive Your sweet Presence in my life. I receive Your loving Word. I receive Your Spirit. I am determined in my heart to believe and trust you for my complete healing and I will prosper and be in health even as mu soul prospers in You. I repent for thinking that is contrary to Your good and pleasing will for my life. I submit to You. Give me wisdom and faith to obey. I believe I have it and I will do it empowered by Your grace and Holy Spirit. Amen. I speak from the position of being in Christ Jesus and I receive all that You have for me by faith. It is mine because You gave it to me through Christ Jesus. It is Mine because I am Yours. I a Your heir and a joint-heir with Christ Jesus. I receive the abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness so I reign in life through the One Christ Jesus.”