Seeking Jesus First - Sept. 22, 2023

Seeking Jesus First - Sept. 22, 2023

Who or what will you follow?

Will you follow feelings? Feelings change with the weather or the situation. We can feel angry, sad, in love, hurt, and betrayed all in a matter of minutes. This is especially true in the dramas produced by Hollywood.

Will you follow the light of truth? Truth never changes, but where do you find the never-changing truth?

Will you follow love? What kind of love will you pursue? The temporary peace and joy of human love that fails? Or is there a source of love that will never fail you?

Will you follow life? What kind of life? The life that is free of challenge? The life that can only be experienced by extreme circumstances? Or will you seek eternal life?

Follow Jesus and you will receive the light of truth that never fails, the unfailing love of The Creator, and eternal life that continues in heaven after the physical body dies.

I believe in God. So do the devils.

I believe in Jesus Christ. So do the devils.

I believe that Jesus Christ is YHVH made into a man who lived a life of love and light in total loving, relationship obedience with The Father of all creation.

I believe that Jesus is the only begotten son of God.

I believe that God made Jesus to be sin for us on the cross so that we can be made the righteousness of God in Him.

I believe that the blood of Jesus washes away sin.

I believe that Jesus is the atonement for sin.

I believe that the blood of Jesus gives those who put their faith in Him a clean and pure conscience before God The Father.

I believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross and was dead and buried in a tomb for three days.

I believe that Christ Jesus, by the power of God, rose from the dead, having defeated death, hell and the grave.

I believe that Jesus rose up to heaven and applied His blood to the mercy seat.

I believe that Jesus received a Champion’s welcome in Heaven and was given the name above all names and His name became the only name by which a man can receive salvation.

I believe that Christ Jesus holds the keys of authority in heaven and earth and His authority over heaven and earth was affirmed and appointed by God The Father.

I believe that Christ Jesus appeared to at least 500 people after His resurrection and taught many of them for about forty days about the kingdom of God.

I believe Christ Jesus empowered His disciples by giving them His Holy Spirit.

I believe that Christ Jesus has authorized those who are submitted to Him to act on His behalf as His body.

I believe in the atonement of Christ Jesus. I believe the atonement is expressed in these names of YHVH:

  • Our Righteousness - We are righteous
  • Our Peace (Shalom) - We have shalom
  • Our Healer - By His stripes we were healed
  • Our Sanctification - He sanctifies us through His word and by His Spirit
  • Our Provider - He has given us every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places.
  • Our Victory - We have victory over the world and darkness because He has given us faith to overcome.
  • Our Shepherd and EverPresent One - Immanuel, God with us. Holy Spirit is with us and in us to lead us and to teach us and more.

I believe these have all been established in what Christ Jesus has already done for us through the cross and resurrection. I believe we can trust, believe and expect God to operate in our lives in all of these atoning ways. I believe God gives us faith to receive everything that Christ Jesus has accomplished. I believe we are now heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ Jesus.

I will follow Jesus. I follow Jesus.

I follow Jesus because He is the path and open door to The Father who is the source of Light, Love and Life.

I believe these things because God has given me faith to believe them. It all originates from God and His love for me. And for everyone. Will you follow Jesus? Will you believe? Will you receive the gift of faith from God and follow His only begotten son? Just say it. Go back through this devotion and declare what you believe.