SJF - Daily Worship, Word and Spirit - Nov. 24, 2023

SJF - Daily Worship, Word and Spirit - Nov. 24, 2023

There is the Spiritual realm.

There is the Earthly realm.

And right in the middle is the personal realm of you and your soul. The soul has access to both realms. The soul can touch both realms.

God is Spirit. After creation, what was Gods preferred method of interacting with the earthly realm? Through a connection with the soul of a man.

Your soul is mind, will, and emotions.

You are a spirit made in the image and likeness of God. You can either possess your own soul or let your soul possess you.

You are bi-locational. You exist on earth and you are seated with Christ in heaven. Because you exist in both realms, you can take what is spiritual and influence and change the earth around you. This is done through the words - the creation building blocks - that you speak. When you speak in faith, your actions align with your words and your future comes into alignment with God's plan for you.