SJF - Daily Worship, Spirit and Word

SJF - Daily Worship, Spirit and Word
Photo by Mohamed Nohassi / Unsplash

Feb. 12, 2024

Being made in the image of God and then being remade in the image of Christ, we stand as the conduit through which heaven (the will of God) can flow into the earth.

By faith, we receive heavens will through the Spirit and The Word. The Spirit of God indwells us and prepares our hearts to receive God’s word. The Word of God fills our hearts, and we use it to renew our mind so that we can believe, think, speak and act like God. This is the transformation that Roman’s 12:1 speak about.

As this transformation is taking place in us (and in others), we obey the Lawgiver’s one Law of the New Covenant - Love One another (James 4:8). This keeps us loving, forgiving and serving each without judging and condemning each other.

And voila, the will of God invade earth.