SJF - Daily Worship, Spirit and Word - Mar. 19, 2024

SJF - Daily Worship, Spirit and Word - Mar. 19, 2024
Photo by Brett Jordan / Unsplash

When God loosed the consequences of man’s actions on humanity and on the earth, He gave an expiration date to the “curse” of sin. God declared that while the serpent would only bruise the heel of humans, a human would crush the serpent’s head. When God speaks a judgement, it has ramifications for generations, really forever.

Because God’s words are this powerful, He doesn’t speak them lightly. And when He speaks them, if He doesn’t determine the end from the beginning, they last forever. God gives judgements an expiration date. With the consequences of sin,  there comes a promise of deliverance from those consequences. If you are going through something, know that it has an expiration date. The expiration date is activated by faith in a promise from God. A word from God declares the end date to a struggle.

John 10:10 states that “the thief comes not but for to steal, to kill and to destroy, but I am come that you might have life and have it more abundantly.”

The enemy desires for you to walk in judgment, condemnation and the curse. But Jesus gives His words to you to produce life and life more abundantly.

Jesus said, “If you abide in me and my words abide in you, you will ask what you will and it shall be done.” Words are important. Words have the power to curse or to bless. “The power of life and death is in the tongue, those who love it shall eat its fruit.” The words you speak have the potential to carry both authority and power. We have the power to use His words of promise and blessing or we can use words that destroy.  And Remember, Jesus told us that even every idle word attracts its own reckoning day.