Daily Worship, Spirit and Word, May 24, 2024

Daily Worship, Spirit and Word, May 24, 2024

Part One - Impacting the natural realm for good.

The spiritual only changes the natural when it changes the ones who influence and impact the natural. The natural world was given to people. If people, who daily impact the natural realm, change, then the natural realm will change.

Ex: A farmer who plants and harvests tomatoes on his farm learns that his farm is better suited for romaine lettuce. His harvest will not change just because he learned about a better crop. The farmer will have to change many things in order to receive the better crop. He will need to buy romaine and plant romaine before he can harvest romaine. He may even have to re-educate himself and buy different equipment.

We are spiritual farmers. If we want to produce a new natural crop, we must be re-educated by The Spirit. We must “buy” a new kind of seed. Until we do, the natural realm will not change.

Have we had the misunderstanding that the spiritual changes the natural without us changing what we say and do? Adam was made a spiritual man in God’s image and was saying and doing what God gave him to say and do - until he didn’t. When Adam changed, the world changed. God is Spirit and God is Love, but until God “changed” and became the man, Christ Jesus, and said and did things directly in the natural realm, it did not begin to change back to the original design. The original design is available to all. However, for the natural realm to change, people must change. For “my” world to receive God’s original design, I must change. But change is possible because we have been given the Spirit of God to dwell in us. As believers and followers of Christ Jesus, we are empowered by His Spirit to receive everything that He gives.