Speaking to Americans - July 13, 2023

Speaking to Americans - July 13, 2023
Photo by Mark König / Unsplash

One of the foundations of American liberty is self determination. We have the right to decide for ourselves what is right. And we each get a voice in determining the will of our nation.

However, we do not have a right to violate someone else's civil rights. Their is abuse in this when it is not applied equitably. My civil rights may not violate yours and your civil rights may not violate mine. Example: I can say what I want but you don't have to listen. And Vice Versa.

The Constitution states that all are created equal. And all citizens have a right to have a voice in the will of the nation. We vote for our elected representatives and we can supposed to hold them accountable to what we believe. When they deviate from our beliefs, we should remove them from office with our vote.

When elected officials look for ways to get reelected without being accountable to the people, there is a breakdown in the accountability process given to us by the Constitution. Voting machines with software that can be manipulated are a threat to the accountability process. It is not a question of. “Was it manipulated?”. It is a question of, “Can it be manipulated?”

Elected officials who agree to using this type of voting machine, with software that can be manipulated, create the appearance that they are looking for a way to circumvent public accountability.

Our Constitution allows the voting right to be given to adult American citizens. Once again, The Constitution reserves the right to determine the will of the nation to adult American citizens. It does not allow illegal aliens or people visiting from other nations to vote in our elections and determine the will of the nation. When elected officials allow people with no legal right of citizenship to vote, they are making themselves unaccountable to the people they are supposed to represent.

When a person can anonymously mail in or drop off multiple ballots, the opportunity for fraud increases. One fraudulent vote cancels out one rightful vote. The legal right and voice of one American citizen is rejected by each fraudulent vote. Do you want to argue for equal rights and civil rights? Then argue for strict voting accountability. Do you want your rights violated by someone who does not have a Constitutional right to help determine the will of your nation?

A person should vote in person and show the proof of their right to vote. Counting machines should not be “smart” with specialized software connected to the internet. They should simply count. Period. It should not be able to switch votes. The counting should be completed as quickly as possible with no stoppages. The only mail in voting that allowed should be military personnel stationed outside the USA with a postmark deadline and a receipt deadline.

It is a right to vote not a requirement. Self determination allows people to choose whether or not they vote. If they will not get themselves to the polling place on the day of the election, then they don’t need to vote. If any early voting is allowed, it should be received and counted prior to Election Day. But any irregularities in the voting process, like early voting, mail in voting, drop off voting, or No ID requirements, all increase fraud. Each fraudulent vote is a civil rights violation against a US citizen.