SJF - Daily Worship, Spirit and Word - Mar. 12, 2024

SJF - Daily Worship, Spirit and Word - Mar. 12, 2024
Photo by Samuel Martins / Unsplash

By faith, we enter into the completed work of Christ. By faith, we enter into the resting position that Christ has made for us. By faith, we enter into the righteous works of Christ which He empowers us to do through His Spirit and through yoking Himself to us.

What else? Well, to be yoked to Christ Jesus means that we are humble enough to submit to that yoke. If we are entering into His rest and His work, we accept His words, His ways, His will and His works. We are co-yoked with Christ Jesus through his Holy Spirit.

A yoke allowed a pair of oxen to work together under the direction of the farmer. If either pulled against the yoke, it would cause pain and disruption in the work. Rebellion is the opposite of Humility. It is time to use our faith to humble ourselves to God’s words, God’s will, God’s ways and God’s works. The Process of Faith that we discuss works here as well.

  • RECEIVE HIS PRESENCE - Know God. Humbly approach Him through faith and loving worship.
  • RECEIVE HIS WORDS - Hear God. Take His words into your eyes and ears. Read The Word with Holy Spirit engaged.
  • RECEIVE HIS DESIRES - Believe God. Take His words into your heart.
  • RECEIVE HIS NATURE - Think like God. Repent. Take His words into your mind. Rom. 12:1
  • RECEIVE HIS BEHAVIOR - Act like God. Love. Take his love into your actions.
  • RECEIVE HIS AUTHORITY - Speak like God. Take His words into your mouth.

LORD, I know that you are trustworthy and true. I’m here to receive Your Presence and listen to You. Your words light up my path and empower what I do. Holy Spirit, help me to accept the amazing truths that Our Father in Heaven has declared concerning me because He loves me and has compassion on me. With all my heart, I embrace Your desire for me God. I come to you and cease from religious works and the destructive works of the flesh. I receive Your easy yoke. I receive Your powerful works. I love Your ways. You have given me Your mind and I submit to You. I repent. I receive Your humble nature and I commit to Your loving ways. The words that I choose to speak are your words from now on. The words of the flesh have failed me but Your words lift me into Your victory. Thank You LORD Jesus.